Our Story and Value

The story begins with “JOOK”, which is not only the name of an electronic cigarette brand, but also a unique way of life. JOOK, born in 2019, symbolizes a new beginning, which embodies not only the excellence of products, but also the founders’ unique understanding of fashion and life.

The founders of JOOK are a group of young Vietnamese living in Seoul. They have experienced the unique pop culture and life style in South Korea, and hope to bring these back to their hometown. They realize that instead of imitating others, it is better to show the most authentic self to the world, so the brand JOOK was born in this way.

JOOK has the meaning of “enthusiasm and vitality” in Vietnamese, which represents the spiritual core of the brand and is also the value that the brand hopes to pass on to consumers. As an e-cigarette brand, JOOK bears the responsibility of providing healthy, safe and high-quality products. At the same time, it is also inspired by Korean pop culture and is committed to creating trendy and personalized products.

JOOK’s electronic cigarettes are full of love for Korean fashion from design, manufacturing to sales. This is not only reflected in the appearance design of the product, such as retro and exquisite lines, unique color matching, but also in the user experience of the product, such as the easy-to-use interactive design and the unique taste of e-liquid.

JOOK is not just an e-cigarette brand, it is an attitude to life, a culture, and a spirit. JOOK hopes to help people experience a more free and fashionable lifestyle through their products. This is JOOK, an e-cigarette brand full of enthusiasm, vitality and Korean fashion style.

JOOK, Your life, Your choice.

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